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Corporate Finance Career - Courses and Opportunities

Corporate Finance Career

How to become a Professional in Corporate Finance

Online business courses to jumpstart your future.

Corporate finance is the area of study in financial management. This subject is teaching to maximize the wealth of the shareholders. Corporate finance is dealing with the areas like capital structure, the source of funds and the required tools and methods to analyse and allocate financial resources.

Professionals in corporate finance work with corporates other than small and medium firms.

Areas Covered in Corporate Finance.

As the primary purpose of the corporate finance professional is to maximize the wealth of the shareholders, they need to be expert in some essential skills and knowledge. 

These skills and knowledge make them proficient in taking decisions about corporate investment and financial decisions. 

  • Accounting Principles and Financial Decision Making
  • Time value of money and the present value of money.
  • Net Present Value and the Internal Rate of Return (IRR).
  • Capital Budgeting.
  • Valuation of Bond and Stock.
  • Business Valuation.
  • Calculation of Cash Flow and Projection of Cash Flow.
  • Financial Ratios.
  • Risk, Return, Capital Asset Pricing Model.
  • The Weighted Average Cost of Capital and its effect of capital structure.

These are the main topics covered in almost all the Corporate Finance courses. There are many free and certificate courses online for learning corporate finance.

All these courses may help you to start a career in corporate finance.

Best Online Courses in Corporate Finance.

Corporate Finance online courses are attending the students pursuing a career in the area of corporate finance and the professionals already working in finance. 

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These professionals wanted to get certified in these areas because it will give an edge over their competitors in the organisation or industry as you are desirous to meet a particular job position or hike in salary.

Online Corporate Finance Program.

1. Coursera

Coursera is offering a course in Essentials of Corporate Finance Specialization Program. This course is offered by The University of Melbourne.

Coursera: Build New Skills Anytime, Anywhere with 100% online courses. Start Now!

The main advantage of this program is the affordable fee of the course. Once you complete this course, You will be able to make sound financial and investment decisions.

Essentials of Corporate Finance Specialization Program is beneficial to all the finance professionals including those working in investment banking, private equity, general management, finance management etc.

This course will help you to have sound theoretical principles. So you will learn the topic in depth and the practical environment in which the financial decisions made.

The content of Essential of Corporate Finance Specialization Program

Business and Financial Modeling from the Wharton School

This specialization program contains 5 courses.

  • The Language and Tools for Financial Analysis.
  • The Role of Global Capital Markets.
  • Corporate Financial Decision-Making for Value Creation.
  • Alternative Approaches to Valuation and Investment 
  • Essential of Corporate Finance Capstone.

    The last one is a Capstone Project by which students will get a chance to practice the knowledge and skills acquired during the course. It will provide students with an opportunity to test the real job of a Financial Analyst in a global firm. 

    Once you complete the course, you will earn the certificate.

    You can join this course by clicking here

    2. Edx

    Edx is also offering courses online from world's best universities. Edx offers courses in Corporate Finance., Professional Certificate Program in  Corporate Finance.

    There are three courses in this program 

    • Introduction to Corporate Finance 
    • The Free Cash Flow Method for Firm Valuation
    • Risk and Return and the Weighted Average Cost of Capital.

    Once the student complete this entire course, they will be able to theory and practice of finance, financial decision making, cash flow methods, valuation, discounting, valuation, investment decision etc.

    For more details, click here.

    There are many other universities and institutes providing full time or online the courses in Corporate Finance. Here we mentioned only the most preferred online providers of corporate finance courses.

    Career Opportunities for Corporate Finance Professionals

    Now we can have look at the career opportunity for a corporate finance professional. The opportunity and the stability for the corporate finance executives are many and stable.

    1. Financial Analyst

    A financial analyst is collecting data, analysing it and make recommendations. Based on it, critical decisions will take in the corporates. The profession needs a high level of skill and knowledge in corporate finance, analysis and spreadsheet programs.

    Job Responsibilities of Financial Analyst

    The responsibilities of a financial analyst may vary depends on the type, nature, industry etc. Some of the main job responsibilities are as follows

    • Helping the corporates to make an informed financial decision.
    • Regularly monitoring micro and macro level economy and analysing the changes and its effect on the corporations and profitability.
    • Analysing the actual financial results with forecasts, find the variances and financial status of the corporation. 

    Average Salary of a Financial Analyst

    The average salary of a Financial Analyst in the USA is $59098.

    Financial Analyst (United States)

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    2. Controller

    The controller is heading the Finance Department and reporting to Chief Financial Officer. This is an amazing profession of controlling the lifeblood of the business. 

    Job Responsibilities of a Controller

    Supervising all financial records, managing the cash, review of accounts and accounting system, recommending updates, implementation of the reporting system for finance and other operational areas, coordinate with external auditors for smooth audit and compliance, analyse cost data and try to find opportunities for cost reduction etc are the main responsibilities of the controller.

    Average Salary of a Controller

    The average salary of a Financial Controller in the USA is $80,466.

    Financial Controller (United States)

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    3. Treasurer

    The Treasurer or Corporate Treasurer are appointed by big size companies. Normal small or medium companies do not require an expert in the treasury to operate their treasury and finance activities.

    Job Responsibilities of a Treasurer

    Treasurer needs to ensure adequate cash flow and dealing with the daily cash balances. Evaluating the proposed projects, the impact of cash flow, funding. He also part of a risk management function. Forecasting of future cash flow position, available funds, actions needed to fill the gap between the two.

    Average Salary of a Treasurer

    The average salary of a Treasurer in the USA is $88,804.

    Treasurer (United States)

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    4. Cost Analyst

    Cost Analysts are responsible for analyzing and evaluating the cost and expenses of the organization. It will include the projects, departments, operating activities etc.

    Job Responsibilities of a Cost Analyst

    The main role of Cost Analysts is the analysis of the cost of the product or services offered by the company. It enables the company to fix a fair and competitive price of the product or service in the market. Cost Analysts are responsible for the competitiveness of the company through research of other competitors in the industry.

    Average Salary of a Cost Analyst

    The average salary of a Cost Analyst in the USA is $59,580.

    Cost Analyst (United States)

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    5. Investor Relation Manager

    Investment Relation Manager is an intermediary in between Investment Community and Management. The main job responsibilities are given below.

    Job Responsibilities of an Investor Relation Manager

    He is responsible for creating and maintaining an investor relations plan. He needs to act as a spoke person of the company as he needs to answer the questions of investors, issue the media pieces of information regarding the activities, events etc. He is responsible for the distribution of all the interested and required documents to the investors.

    Average Salary of an Investor Relation Manager

    The average salary of an Investor Relation Manager in the USA is $88,773.

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    Once you acquired the required skills and expertise in corporate finance, there are many other career options in companies. The demand for all those professions in corporate finance is increasing steadily. You need to do the course, get the certificate and add it to your resume or inform your employer. Opportunities in corporate finance will follow you. 

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