Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Set Up Data Entry Form in Excel

As some of our readers asked us to explain the steps of setting up a Data Entry Form in excel. As told by one among them, he is working in a textile business as an Inward Stock keeper cum Accountant. He always gets a lot of materials inwards. As the first entry, they are recording in an excel sheet as per the invoice, after that only the real accounting entry starts.

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It was very difficult for him to move the cursor every time and even faced some entries in inappropriate cells. so he was demanding for a software for an error this first entry of this stock inward. 

But the management was denied his request as they already have a good system of accounting software, no need to invest in any other type of software to do this job. Then he came to know the technique in excel that the creation of data entry form.  

So let us start how to create a Data Entry Form in Excel

First of all, we need to create Table headings in excel as per our the requirements. 

Next, we need to make it as a Table. So select the heading and enter Ctrl + T,  then a pop up may ask you "My Table has heads", then you need to check it 

The table will be created 

Adding Form Tab to the Ribbon

Next step to add  Form Tab to the Ribbon. Normally we can not see the Form Tab in the Ribbon. So we need to add it. 

Go to File Tab > Option and click


click "Customize Ribbon" > in choose command form, select "Commands Not in the Ribbon" > under that find the "Form" Tab.
In the below picture, the steps are made serially like 1,2 & 3.Just follow it 

Then click "New Tab" > "Add" > Then you can see' New Group", "New Tab" and Form.

We can change the name of the "New Group" and "New Tab" to Form or any other names as you wish. If you want to do it, we need to change the name individually by clicking the "New Group" > then click  "Rename". 

Now we can see a new tab "Form " in ribbon, then we need to go to the Table and select the table and click the "Form" tab and form menu. 
A data entry form will pop up and we can simply enter all the details in it. We need to fill the data in each row by entering "Tab Key "  only. After filling the first data, press the "Enter" button, Now the data will be saved in the first row.  

Hope this article helped you to understand the steps to create a data entry form in excel. If you like this article, please share it with others also.
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