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How to Track Stock Market Data in Google Sheet - Google Finance Function

Google Finance is a website launched by Google in 2006. It contains stock information, news, trends and quotes for people. Google sheet is a web-based spreadsheet offered by Google. GoogleFinance Function is a google sheet finance function which fetches current or historic (as required by the user) stock information from Google finance website to google sheet.

Suppose, we are analysing a particular set of stock and its changes, GoogleFinance function is an advantage for them. Google sheet has a distinct advantage to use live data from google finance webpage. 

Let us see how GoogleFinance function fetching the live data from Google finance web page

How to Track Stock  Market Data in Google Sheet by GoogleFinance Function



Ticker :

It means the stock symbol to consider for the fetching of data. We don't need to write the full name of the stock. Instead, just mention the code of the stock like TECHM ( Tech Mahindra ) 

Attribute :

The attribute is "Price " by default. It is different as per the specification of the data. If you want more clarity about attribute, click here
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Suppose we are considering to watch the details of some stock from NSE.

Basics of GoogleFinance Function in Google sheet

In this table, we can see the Stock Symbol added with an exchange houses code also. It is recommended to avoid discrepancies. This function will accept the stock symbols without exchange house code also, but Google finance will use its best judgement 

Next, we can add the name of the stock and its price to the corresponding columns. Here we can see the formula  

=(GOOGLFINANCE( ticker,[Attribute]) 

Ticker is already stored in "Stock Symbol" column and the attribute is the name of the stock to fill the "Stock Name "column. 

Just enter after the formula, it will display the name for the first stock code. Then drag down the column. The stock name has filled

Basics of GoogleFinance Function in Google sheet

Next, we wish to add the price for each stock. The same formula with slight change can be used to find the price of each stock from Google Finance  

Basics of GoogleFinance Function in Google sheet

After writing the formula, just press enter. The first row of "Coal India Ltd" is filled. Drag and down the column, all the rows filled with the live data.

Basics of GoogleFinance Function in Google sheet

Now we can find the Open, low, volume of the stock in google sheet by using the simple GoogleFinance function. All  these integrations of google sheet with Google Finance feel really amazing 

Basics of Google Finance Function in Google sheet

Here we can find four columns as Open, Low, High and volume. All these columns are filled with current data. 

Open: Open means the Google finance function returns the opening price of the market. We can find it by  the formula in google sheet as


Low: In this column, the data represents the current day's lowest price. We can find it by  the formula in google sheet as


High: High is the highest price in the current day. We can find it by  the formula in google sheet as


Volume: This column represents the trading volume for the current day. We can find it by  the formula in google sheet as


This is the basic Google finance function to narrate the live tracking of stock and shares in Google sheet from any stock exchange in the world from Google finance webpage. Still, some formulas are missing for live updating of stock and its analysis. We will update it later 

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