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Google sheets - How to Create Spreadsheet Online

Google Sheets - An Online spreadsheet

A spreadsheet is an interactive application to store and use the data. Google sheet is a part of an online office suite offered by Google in Google Drive. Google Sheet also web-based spreadsheet so that it is available to update at any time wherever we are. Google sheet is offered by Google at a free cost also includes Google Docs, sliders, presentation online. All are included in Google Drive. It also supports downloading add-ons or creates your own codes.

We need a google account and a web browser or supporting applications in your device if you are using a tab or mobile. Next, we need to create a Google Drive account.

In this article, we are discussing the basics of creating an online spreadsheet called, the  Google Sheet

How to create a Google Sheet

There are three ways, normally, to create a Google sheet. Create a fresh spreadsheet, create from Templates and uploading a spreadsheet which we already saved in the disk

1. Create a new Google sheet from Scratch

Login to Google Drive Dashboard.It will show a picture as given below. Then we have to click the "New tab"

Then click "Google Sheet" > "Blank Spreadsheet"

Then a blank sheet will e opened. We have to change the name of the file as per our requirement and add some data 

2. Create a Google Sheet by Templates

This is another way to create a spreadsheet in Google sheet. Google sheet has provided many type of templates for users to create their tables . Like templstes for creating budhgts, monthly plan, personal templates like to do list, calenders, travel and wedding plan , invoice etc

It simple to cretae the spreadsheet by using the templates. Go through the below steps

From the Google Drive dashboard, Click "New" > "Google Sheets"> "From a Template"

Now you can see the templates, and select the appropriate template and start working with it

3. Create a Google Sheet by Upload of a file 

If we have a spreadsheet of Excel, then we wanted to edit or update some information , then no  need to worry. Google sheet is the best way to do it . No need for fear of the formatting issues of the file as excel files are working with google sheet very nicely. 

Go to Google Drive Dashborad, Click "New" > click  "File upload" . It will direct you to the disk where you stored the spreadsheet or excel file in your computer. Select it for upload

These are the three ways to create a sheet in Google sheet 

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