Saturday, 4 March 2017

Use of Large () and Small () Functions in Excel

Here we are going to discuss the topic of the use of the large and small function. 

As you know, MS Excel is one of the most convenient spreadsheets for accountants and finance professionals. Excel is the inevitable part of a business as the usages are numerous in the day to day operations of the business. 

Here we are discussing where we can use the functions of large and small in MS Excel.

Where we can use the function  Small ()

Let’s have a look at the usage of” large” and “small” functions in pricing and its discovery.

Suppose we have a bid for the construction of a factory. As a part of standard business practice, we invited quotations. We need to select the vendor of the 4th lowest bid as part of the vendor evaluation process. In this case, we can use the small function to select the 4th lowest bid among a number of bids as follows.

Where we can use the function  Large ()

Suppose we need to sell an old machine and as we got many bids, we need to

select the 2 nd largest bid, in this case, we can use large () as given below

These are the main usage of the functions "large" and "small".

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